On the 1st day of Christmas (shopping) . . .

my true love gave to me . . an Alcyon Massive and SYNRGY CD! 

With Small Business Saturday coming up on Nov. 26 and the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would start a 12 day blog to give you ideas on how you can make the holidays shine by supporting local businesses and protecting the environment. 

Do your friends and fam really need another Wal-Mart or Target gift certificate?  Do you want to look like everyone else by shopping at big box stores and malls?  Of course not!!  You and everyone you know want to show off their magnetic personality!

When it comes to music, these guys are truly my favorite local talent!  I first met Alcyon at the Arkayik Revival spreading the message of Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim and the Int’l Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.  We’ll be talking more about them on Day 2. 

Anyway, I was impressed by the number of kids surrounding Alcyon and when I asked the mom of one 11-year-old boy what attracted him, she said “I asked him that too.  He said he liked him because he doesn’t sing about girls and sex, but about Spirit and Mother Earth”.  See?  Even an 11-year-old gets it!  Alcyon’s CD Dreaming the World Awake will make a great stocking stuffer.  New CD coming out in December and lots of local shows are scheduled!

And if you’re Strictly Medicinal, our hemp Joey from Nepal is perfect for music eNatural Hemp (Purple)vents . . . . .  Go handsfree so you can share the love! Do you see Karen’s Joey in the pic with Alcyon? It’s way down at the bottom right!  She was able to dance the night away without worrying about a purse! 


Now I’ve been “stalking” SYNRGY longer than Alcyon and we’ve become good friends.  For mammoth music, you definitely need to check these guys out (just looking at their Facebook profile pic proves how much fun they are!).  Go to their Facebook Page for more info on how to get their CD Live in Love and a list of their shows (rumor has it they’ll even be going to Arizona in February!)


What local bands do you like?  Share their music with us!  Buy CD’s, share with your friends and family and support their events.


About MagneticPursenality

Founder and designer of the Joey, the original handsfree pouch. Tired of being stuck carrying a purse? We have a beautiful solution! All Joeys are handcrafted by fair trade artisans using natural and recycled materials. Help us support fair trade and protect the environment with handmade bags and green gifts. Buy fair trade . . . it's the only fair thing to do.
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