Don’t we make a cute (Sony Bloggie) Duo?


Ready to buy one yet?  You better be ’cause the Sony Bloggie Duo is truly an awesome product.  To be honest I was amazed at the difference in quality when I switched to my Handycam (granted it’s about 7 years old ~ ancient by electronic standards ~ and isn’t HD but . . . WOW!) and then back to the Duo.  The video quality is amazingly clear and like I said so very, very simple to operate.  Almost forgot . . . the screen auto-rotates too! 

Sony was also one of our great sponsors at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Seattle, WA and that’s where I was introduced to both the Sony Bloggie Touch and Bloggie Duo.  In fact, 3 Bloggie Touch cameras were given away at the conference but Sony must have known if I got one I wouldn’t get the Duo. They’re obviously psychic at Sony ’cause they knew just what vloggers needed!

Can’t wait to take this little beauty to Kauai! I’ll be packing my Sony Bloggie Duo too! ; )))

Special thanks to our featured guests:
Sony Bloggie Duo
Sony Electronics
SITS The secret to success truly is support!

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Sony Electronics

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3 Responses to Don’t we make a cute (Sony Bloggie) Duo?

  1. Teresa says:

    Happy Saturday Sharefest! Nice review!

  2. You are such a Sony girl! Great video tour of the Sony Bloggie. I’m glad you finally got it and I can tell you’re going to make excellent use of your new camera. Making note of pause button 😉

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