Walking the Talk About Fair Trade

I’m following my own advice and walking the talk about fair trade ~~ fantastic treasures to be found in Sedona, Arizona

This gorgeous rainbow-filled beaded barrette was made by Mayan women and represents the legend of Turtle Island.  You can contact Marianne @ mamiles@g.com

The name “Turtle Island” comes from a common Native American legend and is their name for the North American continent. The story tells us that North America is perched on the back of a very large tortoise who has volunteered its shell as a home for the land animals.

Though you may not realize it, Turtle Island is probably right under your feet! Turtle Island is the name that several native American tribes gave to the North American Continent. In their lore, the earth was at one time all water. The land animals had no place to live until a giant tortoise arose from the water and offered its shell as a home for these creatures. Thus, with North America perched on the back of this large turtle we need to treat our “island” home with honor and respect.  Traditional people call North America “turtle island” because it is shaped like a turtle (Florida is one hind leg, Baja California is another, Mexico is the tail).

Each crystal holds special meaning for the person who cares for it.  This special crystal came to me at the gathering for the 100th anniversary of Int’l Women’s Month.  It is clear with a small cracked “blemish” in the back.  The Native American artist read the crystal for me and found several images in it. 

Send me a comment . . . What do you see? 

This beautiful handcrafted beaded bracelet was made by a Navajo woman and purchased at an arts & crafts fair in the Village of Oak Creek, AZ.  The good news is that while most do not have business cards or websites there is always a market “somewhere” close to Sedona or you can drive up Oak Creek Canyon about 4 miles to the Dairy Queen and visit the Native American booths.

Bear (introspection, strength, awakening the power of the unconscious and inner potential, lunar energy) and Bison (Manifesting Abundance through Right Action and Right Prayer) stone carvings purchased at the Oak Creek Canyon Native American booths.  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey ~ the red rocks are gorgeous any time of year.

Speaking of lunar energy, don’t forget to look outside tonight (March 19) and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Super Moon!

Hair tubes (straighten one end of a paperclip, hook the end of your hair, slide the straightened end thru the tube and pull hair thru).  The tubes are made by Mayan women and the bracelet is made by a Navajo grandmother made with cedar beads.  Legend has it these beads are worn to ward off evil spirits.

Check out some of the wonderful music and dance I experienced at the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Month.  Was honored to be invited to a special showing of The 13 Grandmothers (a movie that should be shown in every classroom!)  Special thanks to Rev. Diane Deluna of the Madonna Ministry for putting on this extra-special event (www.madonnaministry.com)

Other performers included:
Amalia Camateros (dance) www.earthspiritwisdom.com
Sedona Red Moon Lodge www.sedonaredmoonlodge.com


Montezuma Well  http://www.nps.gov/moca/montezuma-well.htm

Seven Sacred Pools  In Sedona, take 89A and turn on Soldier Pass Road (doesn’t matter which direction you’re traveling~trust me), turn right on Rim Shadows and just drive straight thru stop signs (after stopping of course) until you see a gravelled parking lot on the left.  Trail sign is Soldier’s Pass Trail #66.  BTW Rim Shadows changes to another name so don’t be confused, just go straight)

Rachel’s Knoll  http://www.lovesedona.com/Rachelsknoll.htm
Beautiful surround sound view of the red rocks!  Rachel was born in 1910 and after traveling the country, settled in Sedona, asking her realtor to find her the perfect spot on which to live out her life.  After her death, broken promises by the developer and many court battles, the Knoll has again been opened to the public.  The Peace Pole remains but the medicine wheel has been removed.  Just turn your back and imagine what it looked like before the resort, golf course and sharp angled housing went up (which by the way is now in bankruptcy).  Too bad the beauty Rachel loved so much was destroyed by a (now failed) development.  Seems there should be a rule that if the development fails, the land is to be returned to its original state.


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