Halloween on Parade

This is day 3 of SITS’ Canon Rebel T2i contest and today’s vlog is filled with Halloween fun.  Uptown Sedona expected 1,800 spooks, faeries, witches, superheroes, lions and tigers and bears . . . OH MY!!!  I had so much fun reverse trick or treating and found that many are already buying fair trade chocolates!

The evening brought me back to Jerome for a ghost tour of the town, complete with a midnight stop at the cemetery.  Talk about spooky!!!  Amazing stories of the lives of miners, gunslingers, and ladies of the night.  Definitely a must if one travels to this beautiful red rock country.  And the best thing!  While eating dinner, a little girl came up to us and gave us a package of M&M’s and made us promise that we would share them equally.  It’s so nice to see young children learning how to share and make others smile!

Spirit Room, Connor Hotel

Ghosts of Jerome

The Cemetery and other spooky things


Day of the Dead    Halloween Parade


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