Fair Trade is BOO-tiful!

Ok I admit it may be hard to take a woman with purple bats flying around her head seriously but fair trade and protecting the environment is nothing to laugh about!  You’ll find cool links below the video for fair trade and organic chocolates and information on reverse trick or treating courtesy of Global Exchange, Equal Exchange, Sweet Earth, and Coco-Zen.  Feel free to reuse and recycle our costume ideas!!

So what is reverse trick or treating?  It’s a great concept courtesy of Global Exchange who provides kits for your kids (and you big kids going to a Halloween bash) to give a treat  of organic chocolate with a card explaining the importance of fair trade and organic products.  We also encourage you to visit the links below and order some fair trade and organic candy to mix in with the regular fare from Walmart and Target:

Global Exchange Store
Equal Exchange
Sweet Earth
Dagoba Organic Chocolate (started by one of Southern Oregon’s own!)
The Daily Green

Need some cool costume ideas!  My personal favorites include:
Gypsy:  Draw an outline of your hand on your face complete with life, love and health lines (google palm reading), lots of ear/wrist/ankle bangles, brightly colored scarf and skirt and maybe a crystal ball

Bride of Frankenstein:  Carve an elongated round foam form and attach to top of head with hairpins, bring hair up around the form, spray silver streaks up sides – f course, now instead of the streaks I have to spray the rest of my hair brown and it takes a lot more spray! ; )) – whiten face, hands and any other exposed parts, draw “stitches” around neck, wrists and ankles and voila!

Hippie:  If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s I don’t even have to tell you what to look for in those old closets (and, yes, I know you saved some of that stuff so haul it out and show it off!).

The Birds:  Polyester suit from old clothes box or Goodwill shredded appropriately, attach 8 to 12 to ?? feathered craft birds (painted black with beaks dipped in red paint) to flexible wires and attach to hat so it looks like the birds are flying around when walking

Cereal Killer:  This was one of my best!  Black cape with small cereal boxes sewed or stapled to the cape, slice thru box and insert $ Store knives, hatchets, etc., dripping with blood.  I even made some “bracelets” in the form of boxes dangling from a noose!

Need some more ideas?  Check out these awesome links from the Daily Green:
100 Homemade Costumes
25 Awesome Costumes from Recycled Materials
10 Creative Homemade Costumes

And for all kids of all ages . . .
Halloween Face Paint Safety Tips

Send us comments and pics and show us how you’re scaring up support for a fair trade and recycled costumes this Halloween! 
Wishing you a frightfully, terror-ific time!! 


About MagneticPursenality

Founder and designer of the Joey, the original handsfree pouch. Tired of being stuck carrying a purse? We have a beautiful solution! All Joeys are handcrafted by fair trade artisans using natural and recycled materials. Help us support fair trade and protect the environment with handmade bags and green gifts. Buy fair trade . . . it's the only fair thing to do.
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