‘Tis the Season Survival Secrets


Forget about reading, ‘riting and ‘rythmatic!  This month we’re going to focus on the 3 S’s . . . Season Survival Secrets!  And I do mean SEASON.  Between now and December we’re celebrating:


Fair Trade Month    

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And, of course . . . 


What I call Christmas but varies depending on who and where you are


Fortunately, our “In the Pink” silk pink ribbon Joey is the proverbial 3 birds with 1 stone as it is a fair trade product, funds 1% of a mammogram (and we donate an additional $1 to the cause), and is perfect as a holiday gift. 


  • This is such a frightfully good time to teach our children the wonders of recycling.  Go into the dark reaches of those old boxes and closets and see what you can find to recycle into a super cool costume.  If you have to buy, reuse and recycle with Goodwill (truly one of my favorite stores)!!  Why keep trashing the environment with unimaginative, pre-manufactured costumes.  Send me your pictures or post them on our blog – we love to see what ideas our customers come up with.  Check out last year’s hippie costume!


  •  Hand out fair trade chocolate and candy!  What better way to show your support.  Check out Dagoba Chocolate


  • Think of how thankful your friends and family will be when you serve locally bought, natural or organic foods to serve for dinner.
  • Volunteer to serve food to those who need a little extra help these days.
  • Check with local charities and see if they have a list of families who need help, organize a group of parents and kids, fill bags with recipes and everything you need to make a dinner and deliver them to thankful smiles.  If possible, avoid the pre-made dinners (part of Thanksgiving is the smells and quality time spent fixing dinner).

CHRISTMAS (or whatever you like to call your special December celebration)

  • If you shop early, you’ll enjoy the holidays so much more (we do have 364 days notice, you know!).  Forget Target and gift cards.  Show your friends and family how much you love them by returning to the meaning of the holidays and finding that perfect, thoughtful gift.  I myself am DONE with shopping (not done as in forget-about-it but done as in Fini!).  WooHoo!!!!  I went to our local festivals and craft shows or purchased fair trade or socially conscious products online and SAVED MONEY!!  All of my gifts were $20 or less, are handmade or crafted from natural or recycled materials and were specially chosen for that special person in my life.  With gifts of this kind, people will start looking forward to the holidays again just so they can see what little treasures are hidden under the tree.  And come December, I’ll be able to sit back and relax with some fair trade chocolate fudge and coffee!
  • Organize your neighborhood and decorate with beautiful lighted displays.  Post your event and ask visitors to bring canned good or jackets and drop them in curbside boxes for the local charities.
  • For those who have everything or too much . . . adopt something or give a gift to a needy child in their name!  With my spirit totem being the polar bear, I adopt one every year as a gift to myself. 
  • Grab your friends and schedule a dress-up night out or home party.  We have a lot of Joeys that will add sparkle to that  beautiful holiday outfit.  Why not look and feel great, inside and out?
  • Smile!! Sing!! Dance! Wear reindeer antlers in public! Decorate your car! Whatever it takes to enjoy the holiday . . . JUST DO IT!!! 

Not sure where to start?  No worries.  I’ll be providing links to some of my favorites! 


About MagneticPursenality

Founder and designer of the Joey, the original handsfree pouch. Tired of being stuck carrying a purse? We have a beautiful solution! All Joeys are handcrafted by fair trade artisans using natural and recycled materials. Help us support fair trade and protect the environment with handmade bags and green gifts. Buy fair trade . . . it's the only fair thing to do.
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