Meet the Founder; Safety in San Fran; Hemfest 2010

I am new to the blogging world and this is my first set of blogs! Thanks to BloggyBootCamp – you ladies are awesome!!

Meet the Founder: Hear how and why I created the Joey, the original handsfree purse. I decided to launch my business and website on 1/20/2010, the day of the inauguration of our new President. I wanted to help jumpstart the economy of this great nation and also help my neighbors in the world and the environment by carrying a line of fair trade and green products. We’re celebrating 1-1/2 years in business and look forward to 2011!

Safety in San Fran: Safety tips while wearing your Joey in the city. Come with us as we jump on the cable car and visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bride, and Alcatraz! Thanks to BloggyBootCamp for inviting great speakers to a beautiful venue. Thanks also to the Westin St. Francis and Starbucks for joining together and providing fair trade coffee for their guests.

Hempfest 2010: Hemp! It’s not just for smoking. You’ll have fun at this unique festival in Lake Selmac, Oregon. We’ll visit the vendors and explain the industrial uses of hemp. This is a full multi-tasking plant . . . clothes (check out our casual hemp purses from Nepal!), building materials (concrete, bricks, lumber), biofuel, food, ale, and much more. I also included fun clips of princesses, butterflies, jugglers, glass blowers, pups and lots of other interesting people. You may even run into Spider Man!!


About MagneticPursenality

Founder and designer of the Joey, the original handsfree pouch. Tired of being stuck carrying a purse? We have a beautiful solution! All Joeys are handcrafted by fair trade artisans using natural and recycled materials. Help us support fair trade and protect the environment with handmade bags and green gifts. Buy fair trade . . . it's the only fair thing to do.
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